Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What having babies and home buying have in common...

Have you noticed...the home buying process is like trying to have a baby. Inter-personal interaction, quickly followed by hope, queasiness, angst, and finally joy.

Agent/buyer conception is where ownership anticipation and home search repetition reign supreme. Can we look in both the mornings and evenings? How about all day? Agents will clear their calendars and assist anytime their services are needed.

Found your dream house? Welcome to the euphoric "can't believe this is about to be our home" stage where six-leaf clovers and lottery wins are possible. It's perfect for us. Nothing can possibly go wrong, right?

But wait...negotiation problems, issues with the home inspection, and appraisal anxiety quickly turn your future love nest into a room spinning, stomach churning, nausea induced train ride...destination unknown.

Finally, issues resolved. Woot, woot, this baby will soon be ours. Did we ask for the fridge? Will Suzie Condo come with all her fixtures? Sure hope the seller leaves Johnny Craftsman's gutters.

Huh? Wrong letterhead, missing documents...underwriting has hit a snag; closing delayed! No worries, our agent is like the Oak Tree in the front yard...strong, firmly planted, and able to withstand banking/lawyer storms...she'll save the day!

Signing day. Aren't they the cutest eaves you've ever seen? Such strong columns! With a 2-year home warranty, this baby is healthy! Life is good.

Unbeknownst to our intrepid homeowners, the terrible twos, adolescence, and the dreaded teenage years are just a cracked foundation away.

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