Monday, September 6, 2010

I am a Realtor®

I find it ironic that people think by putting a For-Sale-By-Owner sign in the front yard they can do my job. I pride myself in the fact that I am a marketing specialist and am confidant I can provide better exposure than a home owner will get on their own. I can screen buyers, network with other agents, interact with professional services, provide competent advice, and serve as a professional negotiator. I am versed in contract preparation, can give staging tips, and am emotionally detached. I can provide a realistic listing price based on facts, I know the demographics of your neighborhood and those you’re competing with, and I can anticipate and respond to real estate questions/problems quickly. I am available to show your home anytime, will never say too little or too much during a showing, and I have access to vast resources that can quickly paint, mow, clean, fix, or stage. I am a Realtor®!

BUT am I worth the commission you will pay for my services? You could pay up to 6% of the listing price for my services if I find the buyer for your property. Of course it’s more likely someone else will bring the buyer so I will have to share the 6%. Did I mention that although I am working long hours to sell your property and am solving the potential deal breaking issues that are arising, I will always be cheerful, considerate, and helpful despite the fact I may have to pay a relocation and/or referral fee from my share of the commission? Did you know my broker gets a significant share of my share? When put in its proper perspective, I will receive a small percentage of my worth for the tremendous advice, hard work, dedication, and steadfast desire to sell your property. Yes, I am a Realtor®.

Still not convinced I can do a better job of selling your home? I will expertly know what to do once an offer is received to include contract preparation, how much closing costs will be, how to handle temporary occupancy requests, closing date shifts, repair requests, earnest money needs, contingencies, difficult negotiations, irate/inconsiderate buyers, low appraisals/appeals, deed issues, encroachments, termites/rodent infestations, and a host of other problems that may halt the sale. The reason I can do a better job than you can at selling your home is because I do this everyday, it’s my chosen profession. You guessed it, I am a Realtor®!

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