Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sellers - Are YOU Preventing YOUR House From Selling?

Sellers, are you "guilty" of any of the following:

* Failure to keep up with repairs (Faucet leaking? Shingles missing? Siding torn? Window broke?)
* Overpricing (Price your home based on your Realtor® suggestions. They are your market experts)
* Did not update interior (Brass is out, so is wallpaper. Don't be offended, just make the changes. Don't know where to start...visit model homes and see what builders are doing)
* Let landscaping get out of control (Trim hedges, mow/weed-eat/edge, use mulch, plant flowers, fix broken borders, etc.)
* Too emotionally attached (Do you REALLY want to sell? Keep the memories and let the house go)
* House too personalized (Remove family photos, offensive material, trophies, your taxidermy collection, etc. Don't make potential buyers look past your keepsakes, remove the distractions altogether)
* Not using a Realtor® / refusing to pay commission (Nothing wrong with wanting to maximize your return but are you that confidant your home selling ability is better than a qualified agent?)
* Refusing to paint (Always go neutral. Fresh paint smells/looks clean and makes it easier for buyers to visualize how their stuff will look in the room/house)
* Too much Clutter (Clear out old books, newspapers, appliances, knick-knacks, etc. (Buyers want space and many won't be able to see past your stuff to recognize the potential)

If you are guilty of 1 or more, you are definitely contributing to, and probably preventing your house from selling. Why not make simple changes, listen to your Realtor®, and put yourself in a better position to sell your home?!

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